Passports4ChangeTM is a program designed by Dreamer4Change Foundation and it is built on the premise of  cross-cultural exchange as a critical tool for learning. As our world continues to become increasingly global, the benefits of cross-cultural exchange are vast. The purpose of this program is to make cross-cultural exchange possible and accessible to youth who typically would not have access to traveling to a place beyond where they live.

imagesThe Passports4Change program is rooted in the belief that low-income students who have previously been deprived of the opportunity to travel, stand to gain a great deal from the opportunity to live in contexts cultural, politically, socially  different than their own. We are specifically targeting low-income students because these students are more likely to not own a passport, to not have traveled abroad and to not have the resources to engage in a cross-cultural study. We further believe that cross-cultural study opens up the possibilities of change, transformation and leadership for students.

Our Mission

Passports4Change is on a mission to provide low-income students with passports and the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural learning experiences domestically and abroad. It is our mission to offer students the opportunity to experience cultures, places, people, languages and foods different than their own as we simultaneously encourage them to learn from these exchanges.

Our Vision

Our vision is to move beyond poverty and opportunity gaps to offer low-income students the opportunity to travel and engage in meaningful cross-cultural exchanges.

If you would like to contact us or be involved with Passports4Change please complete this form and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Values

  • We value cross-cultural exchange as a critical tool of learning and development
  • We value new, exciting and fresh experiences.