The Vision

We envision a world full of love, healing and transformation. We imagine a world free of poverty, oppression and inequality.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to change the world. We know this is a big task and we know we will stumble along the way, but for us the journey is far more important than the destination. We are focused on dreaming for change because all too often we have focused our energy and attention on fighting oppresssions which left us exhausted, drained and hopeless. So instead we are interested in spending our energy dreaming up a world safe and free for all.

Dreamers4Change, Inc is a community of healers, organizers, activists, academics, professionals and everyday people who are committed to changing the world we live in.  We believe it is our responsibility as responsible, global citizens to make a conscious effort to contribute to the improvement and development of the world. And so, we are bold enough to dream up a world of equality, equity, healing and transformation. We know the world is plagued by violence, patriarchy, colonization, racism, ableism, inequity and countless other injustices, but we refuse to give up on our mission of dreaming for change. Instead, the injustices in the world fuel our passion and propel us to keep dreaming and fighting for change.  Along with our dreams for change, we are committed to doing the work to help us achieve our vision. The work is not easy, it is difficult- and there are no quick fixes, but we at Dreamers4Change, Inc are determined and we will not be stopped. Will you join us in our mission of dreaming, working and loving for change?