Do your dreams scare you?


Yesterday reaffirmed everything I’ve been thinking. Everything happens for a reason. It feels like the Universe has already orchestrated every detail for my ultimate benefit. I’ve heard that quote a million times before, but it’s so different when you see it playing out in your own life.

Yesterday was my first official day of school with the children. Words cannot express the happiness I feel by being here in Guwahati helping the children of Parijat Academy. Throughout the day I spent time talking with the principle and his wife to get a better understanding of the school and their vision. To say I was inspired would not merely justify my feelings.

As I listened to Uttam (the principal) talk I could feel his words. His passion and love for the children radiated as he spoke about wanting to make his village a better place. Uttam’s words were like honey soothing a sore throat. Comforting. He went on to describe his dreams of expanding the school to help even more children. Uttam’s dreams are big, but so is his heart. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as dedicated to helping others. He has given his everything to offer these children a free education. Uttam looked at me with determination etched into his face. “Derrika do you believe my vision? Sometimes I want to give up because it’s too hard. But these children need me.” His words literally sent chills through my body. Of course I believed in his vision. But I too understood his fear of not being able to make it happen. Sometimes dreams are scary, especially when the world has said you can’t do it.

We talked about all of the money we needed to raise to help the children of Parijat. I told Uttam, I do not only believe your vision, but I know it will happen. There is no way for someone to have that much determination and the universe not make there dream a reality. It always makes me think of my favorite quote from the book The Alchemist “And when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” I know the universe is conspiring for Uttam and his dream will manifest. I’ve often heard people grumbling about there not being enough leaders and change makers in the world. Well to those people, I say you must meet Uttam. He is paving the way of change not only for his village, but also for the world. Uttam has sparked a light in me that I didn’t know existed. I came to Parijat for a reason. I met Uttam for a reason. And sometimes my dreams scare me, but I dream them for a reason: to heal the world.


About Dreamer4Change

Thank you for taking time out to visit my site. Dreamer4Change is a home for all of my dreams. I dream up ways to change myself and maybe one day the world. Will you join me in my quest? Remember to keep dreaming, loving and changing.

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