Today it rained.


My first day in the village it rained. Beautifully, leaving an edge of calm hanging in the atmosphere. And directly after the rain, the sun illuminated the sky. It was bright and higher than before. I marveled at the beauty of nature. And if you know me at all, you know I find meaning in the simplest of things. I wondered why it rained the moment after I arrived at the village and then the sun came back out as soon as I finished unpacking. Perhaps God was speaking to me through nature. The rain reminded me that sometimes we will have difficulty, but there is always beauty in the midst of struggle. Even when things are their hardest and we’re at our breaking point, isn’t it beautiful how we continue to perservere. It’s amazing how we want to give up but deep down we know we cannot. That is beautiful. 

The emergence of the sun after rain reminded me that after struggle there is always happiness. Transforming our struggles into happiness is a journey. But once we get there it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences. In my own life I’ve witnessed this time and time again. Most recently I witnessed it with my voyage to India [one of my favorite cd’s by the way :)] In my last entry, I wrote about how everything seemed to be going wrong before I came to India. In those moment of struggle I wanted to give up and not take the trip at all. But, now I’m here and words cannot express the happiness I feel. All of those struggles were worth it. Seeing the face of villagers light up as I entered the school was worth it. As, I saw the deep poverty lurking in the village I knew it was worth it. When I held the hand of the director of the school I’m volunteering at I understood why I needed to be here.

Today, my first day in the village it rained. It rained to remind me. And with this message from the universe I enter Parijat Academy (the school I’m volunteering at) ready to sprinkle doses of sunshine. Today it rained. But, tomorrow I will spread sunshine and love by pouring my heart into the people of this village.


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